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Introducing is a collection of node.js modules that simplify WebRTC development.

Getting started with

The rtc module is a pre-bundled collection of the modules you need to get started building your own WebRTC application. You can load this module directly in your HTML page or include it as a require.js module.

Grab the latest build of rtc from

<script src="path/to/rtc.js"></script>
var rtc = RTC({room: 'test-room' });

rtc.on('ready', yourInitFunction);

The full suite of modules are available individually via npm and can be included using require(). You'll need Browserify to prepare your CommonJS modules for the browser. For exmaple, to use rtc-quickconnect:

var qc = require('rtc-quickconnect');
var connection = qc(opts);

The Tutorial page has a step by step guide to introduce you to the basics of building WebRTC apps with If you already know what you're looking for, check out our complete module list

Testing and WebRTC

All of the stable modules in the suite (and some of the unstable ones too) are being tested using continuous integration (a big thanks to Travis CI for their excellent service). We have further information on our testing process if you are interested, and the current build status is displayed with each of our modules.